Current Trustee Areas AnalysisLINK: 2021.10.11 CVRA Analysis

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FAQ Redistricting & Trustee Area Maps

What is redistricting and why is it needed now?

Every 10 years, a new U.S. Census is conducted, and the population counts are then used for redistricting. Trustee areas must be relatively equal in total population using the new Census counts. After new Census data are released, all jurisdictions must evaluate whether their current trustee areas (boundaries based on the last Census) have equal populations using the new counts. If not, trustee area boundaries need to be adjusted to re-balance trustee area populations. The redistricting process is governed by the U.S. Constitution, federal law, and California law.  The Kingsburg Joint Union High School District analysis noted a very slight change in population and demographics as noted in the presentation of current trustee areas analysis LINK: 2021.10.11 CVRA Analysis.

When will the new trustee area map be used?

The new trustee areas will be in effect for November 2022 elections. The deadline for adoption of revised districting plans (February 28, 2022) allows time for county Registrars of Voters to adjust precinct boundaries before the filing deadline for the November election.

Who decides which map to adopt?

The Board of Trustees will adopt the map establishing election district boundaries. The county Registrars of Voters will then adjust precinct boundaries before the filing deadline for the November 2022 trustee election.

When will the process begin and end?

A presentation for Trustees and members of the public was held at the October board meeting, as noted on the 10/11/21 agenda. One or more draft plans have now been provided for the public and community LINKS: Option 1 ; Option 2. Members of the public are encouraged to provide comments about the draft map(s) at our upcoming meeting on November 15, 2021, at 4:00 p.m.  The Board will potentially adopt a map at the November meeting.